Renewing Library Materials

Items can be renewed in person, over the phone or online. Generally, library materials are renewable for 14 days with a total or 2 renewals per item. If the item is not reserved you may have it for another two weeks. 2-day videos, DVDs, and AV equipment may NOT be renewed. Items borrowed from outside the Gloucester County Library System (inter-library loan) renew for 7 days only. Overdue items may be renewed and accrued fines paid when the items are returned. After renewal no additional fines will accrue.

In Person Renewals
You can renew materials by bringing them to any branch or association library regardless of where they were checked out. Items can be renewed from patron record, so it is not necessary to bring items into the library.

Phone Renewals
You can renew materials by calling 856-223-6060 or any other branch or association library. If it is not during library hours, a voice mail message may be left and staff will renew items the next business day. When leaving a voice mail message, it is important to speak slowly and clearly, spelling out your last name or giving library card bar code number. It is also a good idea to leave a phone number in case staff have any questions or you would like a call back to confirm the renewal.

Online Renewals
Follow these steps to renew an item online. Please note: Overdue items cannot be renewed online. If you receive an error message your item has NOTbeen renewed. Renewals are not accepted through email.

Click here to Renew Items in Catalog


  1. Go to the Online Library Catalog. (Click on the link to open the catalog in a new window.)
  2. On the blue navigation bar at the top, select "My Account."
  3. Fill in your library card number (enitre number without the spaces) and PIN to login to your account.
  4. On the "My Account" page, pick the "Checkouts" tab.
    1. To renew selected items, click on the "Renew Selected Items" radio button (small circular button), select the items for renewal by clicking on the small square to the left of each title, and then click on the "Renew Selected Items" button under the list of items.
    2. To renew all items, click on the "Renew All Items" radio button (small circular button) and then click on the "Renew Selected Items" button under the list of items.
    3. If the item is successfully renewed you will receive a confirmation message. Remember, not all items can be renewed. If this is the case you will receive an error message.