Since 1993, the Friends have raised over $50,000 and donated it to the library system to improve services. Ongoing projects include raising funds through the donation box at the circulation desk at all five branches, and selling “Cat’s Meow” of the Mullica Hill Branch as well as canvas book bags, FAX cards, and supplies to patrons. The Friends also conduct an ongoing membership drive, and three book sales each year to raise money for special projects. FGCLS has used these funds to provide such things as early literacy computers and irrigation system for the Mullica Hill Branch as well as materials, toys and programs for all five branches. The Friends also purchase the library’s subscription to Book Page magazine.

Providing extra funding for the library system is a big undertaking, but the Friends are also committed to raising awareness of library services. This has been accomplished in the past by sponsoring community events, especially those involving schools, local authors and talent. The Friends history of involving Gloucester County residents and schools began when the group first formed. The long title, Friends of the Gloucester County Library System, was a bit unwieldy. The Friends extended a challenge to county high schools by offering a contest to students to create a logo with the acronym FGCLS. The wining logo was entered by a Clearview Regional High School student and is still used on all FGCLS stationery and documents.

FGCLS meets on the fourth Monday evening of each month at 7pm at the library in Mullica Hill. The Friends welcome new members. Currently, approximately 10 active members work together to raise funds for the Gloucester County Library System. Unlike many organizations where only one or two people do all the work, having several active members spreads responsibility enough to allow for a pleasant experience by all. If active membership is not possible, the Friends welcome membership as a sponsor. All proceeds are used to help improve library service.

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