Meeting Room Regulations


1.   Regulations in effect when the meeting rooms are used shall apply.  These regulations are subject to change without notice. The Library may not be used for commercial activities or purely personal functions.

2.   The following capacities may not be exceeded:

Glassboro Branch

Meeting Room: 40 people

Greenwich Branch

Meeting Room #1: 35 people; with tables 25

Meeting Room #2: 70 people; with tables 40

Meeting Rooms #1 & #2: 105 people; with tables 65

Logan Branch

Meeting Room A – 40 people

Meeting Room B – 8 people

Mullica Hill Branch

Meeting Rooms A & B: 135 people; with tables 85

Meeting Room A: 60 people; with tables 40

Meeting Room B: 75 people; with tables 45

Meeting Room C: 12 people

Swedesboro Branch

Meeting Room: 40 people

3.   No admission fee may be charged by groups using a room.

4.   Adequate adult supervision of minors (those under 18 years old) is required at all times.

5.   Smoking is not permitted in the building (or courtyard at Mullica Hill).  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library property.

6.   Organizations using the meeting rooms will be responsible for setting up their own seating arrangement if the configuration differs from the standard set-up.  After each meeting, the room must be reset to the standard floor plan.  A diagram of the floor plan is located in each of the meeting rooms.  Allow ample time to set up and reset the reserved room.

7.   All gatherings must be conducted in an orderly manner.  Noise levels before and after meetings must be appropriate to the library setting.  Care must be exercised so that the meeting room, corridor, rest rooms, and kitchen are maintained and left in a neat, clean, and orderly condition.  Please report any spills on the carpet or stains on the furniture immediately.

8.   At the Mullica Hill Branch and Greenwich Branches, the movable partition separating the meeting rooms must be opened or closed by GCLS staff only.  Arrangements must be made at the time of meeting room reservation.

9.   Library staff is not available to run equipment or explain the operation of same at the time of meeting.  Program organizers may wish to familiarize themselves in advance with the use of the equipment.  Please contact the Meeting Room Coordinator for details (856-223-6033).

10.   The names Gloucester County Library, Glassboro Branch, Greenwich Township Branch, Logan Township Branch, Mullica Hill Branch, or Swedesboro Branch may not be used in publicity except as a designation of location.  Neither the name nor the address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of the organization.

A disclaimer statement must be included on all promotional material/announcements and must be a minimum of 10 point type.  The disclaimer statement shall read, "The views and opinions of the sponsor of this program do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Gloucester County Library System." The words located at shall precede the name and address of the Library.

No program in the Library may be broadcast or televised without permission of the GCLS Director.

11.  Organizations using a meeting room are considered a public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and therefore, responsible for providing auxiliary aids and services in compliance with the ADA.

12.  Unless authorization has been given in advance by the GCLS Director or designee, no gathering shall start before the official opening time and must conclude 30 minutes before the official closing time of the library. Hours are listed on the Meeting Room Reservations page.

13.  Groups must provide their own supplies, including paper, markers, pens, tape, flipchart pads, etc. Coin-operated copiers are available if extra copies of handouts are needed.

Note:  Change for the self-service copy machine is available at the circulation area.  Public use personal computers are available.

14.  Groups may NOT store their supplies and/or equipment in the library before, between, or after the time of the scheduled meeting.  No advance deliveries of equipment or supplies will be accepted by the library for groups using the meeting room.

15.  Any equipment to be brought in must be listed on the application and approved in advance.  All equipment and materials brought in for the occasion must be removed immediately after the meeting.

16.  A kitchen is available at all of the branches with the exception of the Swedesboro Branch for the preparation of light refreshments.  Permission to use the kitchen must be granted through the application process.  As per the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, the stove may not be used in a manner that will produce grease-laden vapors.  All supplies must be brought by the organization.  Supplies found in the kitchen are Library property and may not be used.

17.  Food and beverages may be served in a meeting room only.  If refreshments are served during meeting, please wipe tables; pick up any left over cups and plates and dispose of them in the trash receptables.  Food and food service equipment and supplies brought in for a meeting must be removed immediately following the meeting.

Note: The Library does not have full time maintenance or cleaning staff.  The meeting organizer must assure that the meeting room is left in reasonably clean condition and furniture arranged as agreed.  Thank you for your cooperation.