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Digital magazines available for your computer or mobile device 24/7 with Flipster and Zinio!



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Flipster is our latest magazine service from Ebsco. Check out popular titles such as Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Time, and more! All issues are available to an unlimited number of users and can be read on your computer, laptop, or mobile device!

How do I access Flipster?

To access Flipster, visit the Flipster Homepage or download the app for your iPhone/iPad or Android device. All you need to access Flipster is your library card number. On the login page, in the box labeled "Patron ID," fill in your library card number and you'll be good to go!

Does Flipster have an app?

Yes! Flipster has an app for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Please Note: The app is for offline reading only. You will need to download magazines from the Flipster website to the app first and they will be held within the app for 2 days. Need assistance with the app? Check out the guides below!

Flipster Help

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What is Zinio?

Our Zinio Digital Magazines collection includes 43 magazines such as Car and Driver, Discover, Family Circle, National Geographic, Newsweek, and much more!  All issues are available to an unlimited number of users on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy devices, and more instantly!

How do I access Zinio?

To access Zinio, visit the Zinio Homepage. You can also click on the Zinio banner image above.

Does Zinio have an app?

Zinio has both a desktop reader app for your computer or laptop as well as an Apple iOS and Android app for your mobile device which can be found in your device's app store.

Zinio Help

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